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Talent Concept

Make the best use of one's talents

The talent strategy is the key to the development strategy of enterprises. We have always adhered to the principle of promoting enterprises with talents, establishing the pillar role of talents, and maximizing talents is the long-term policy that enterprises adhere to. In practical work, fully utilize internal talent resources while attracting external talents to promote rapid development of the enterprise. We have taken a series of measures such as expanding channels to introduce talents, strengthening talent cultivation, optimizing the environment to retain talents, and continuously strengthening the construction of the employee team to promote the professional development of human resources.

The company focuses on the comprehensive development of its employees, allowing them to do their best work. Fully consider the personal development needs of employees, combine with the development space of our company, create a relaxed working environment for humanized management, a harmonious humanistic environment, and a perfect educational environment, and achieve the full potential of both new and old employees.

Caring for employees from the aspects of life, emotions, and growth

Adhering to the corporate culture of "respecting human values, developing human potential, and elevating human souls," Kinri is built into an organization that embraces all rivers and oceans. In this organization, ordinary people become excellent people, and excellent people become outstanding people. Employees can realize their life dreams here. Cultivating and nurturing a team of professionals with strong professional knowledge, as well as a sense of mission and responsibility, is a principle that Kinri has always adhered to.

The company will fully utilize domestic and foreign talent resources, attract, gather and achieve various outstanding talents, improve the company's talent selection mechanism, and vigorously promote the professionalization, specialization, and internationalization of talents. Seize the high ground of talent and strive to become a world-class manufacturer of power products as soon as possible.