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Job Information
Recruitment position Salary Number of recruits Work place Release date
Power Supply Senior Design Engineer RMB 30,000 3 Person ShenZhen 2022-03-24



Follow Kinri's PMP/PEP process, work in RD team to develop new power supply,battery charger and power adapter for industry application including the specification, product concept design, circuit design and simulation, prototype assembly and product verification so as to meet the offer requirement.

Cooperate with correlated team member and related teams such as PCB layout engineers, Mechanical engineers, Firmware/Software engineers, and EMC test engineers to fulfill the design and resolve technical issues.

Follow Kinri's design process and deliver the design documents with high quality on time

The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate the following selection criteria:

• Bachelor degree or above on electronics engineering or automation control related.

• 3~5 years of electronic product design experiences.

• Rich experiences on Power Supply design (Linear and Switching) and qualification

• Rich experiences on EMC  Safety design and qualification

• Solid skills on Analog circuit design and layout such as high precision, low noise Circuit design.

• Master ECAD design tool, such as Cadence (Orcad  Allegro).

• Good troubleshooting skills

• Has relevant product development experience is a plus

• Good documentation skills such as design and test documentation

• Strong ownership

• Good English communication skills both oral and written.

  • Email:mkt1@jinruipower.com
  • Phone:0755-29665062
  • Mobile:137-2371-6834 Timber (WhatsApp)
power supply and power adapter after-sale engineer Negotiable 2 Person ShenZhen 2022-03-24



Responsible for the maintenance of on-site and after-sale service and market development for power supply,battery charger,power adapter users in designated areas.

1. Achieve my annual after-sales service plan and objectives;

2. Rationally formulate weekly and monthly work plans, strive to achieve them, and do a good job of summarizing work reports, in order to improve the next work;

3. Familiar with product performance, laboratory and field application of this industry, independently complete field technical service and tracking;

4. Visit existing customers regularly to ensure the normal use of products on site and maintain business relations with customers.

5. Independently complete the pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale work of new customers;

6. To be responsible for drafting and formulating related industry meetings and national standards;

7. Complete other tasks temporarily assigned by the leadership.


1. Undergraduate majors in electronic and electrical major are preferred.

2. Good moral character, down-to-earth and serious, high loyalty.

3. Strong pressure resistance and adaptability to frequent business trips.

4、It can adapt to long-term work and life abroad and abroad.

  • Email:mkt1@jinruipower.com
  • Phone:0755-29665062
  • Mobile:137-2371-6834 Timber (WhatsApp)
Power adapter Engineer Negotiable 2 Person ShenZhen,China 2022-03-24


Power adapter Engineer Responsibility

• Technical leader managing the consultants to implement the project through schematic design, design development, to construction documents

• Tasks include issuance of technical bulletins, review submittals and shop-drawings, conducting source inspections and participating in the data center construction commissioning process.

• Review and develop detailed scripts for change management request (CMR) activities

• Travel to data center sites for engineering studies, electrical systems audits, startup testing, and full commissioning, as required

• Provide electrical mission critical system review services to local data center operations teams

• Participate in equipment failure or power outage related incident Root-Cause-Analysis (RCA)

• Respond on an as-needed basis to emergencies.

Power adapter Engineer Qualifications

• At least BS degree in Electrical Engineering

• Minimum of eight years professional experience in power adapter design and manufacture.

• Knowledge of industry standards, power supply& adapter codes and safety standards

• Experience with the construction and cost estimating process

• Trouble shooting and analytical skills

• Ability to provide solutions to projects under pressure

• Experience with AutoCAD, Visio, Bluebeam and SKM software

• Ability to travel for up to 30%

• Bilingual in Mandarin Chinese is a plus because our factory is in China

  • Email:mkt1@jinruipower.com
  • Phone:0755-29665062
  • Mobile:137-2371-6834 Timber (WhatsApp)